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-Georg Resetka, Managing Director







-Robert Wood, Senior Consultant



Personal Details:
Birthplace: Bournemouth, England
Nationality: British
1958 Gorse Cliffe Preparatory School,Bournemouth, England
1961 Scholarship to Taunton Public School,Somerset, England
1965 Attendance at Grammar School, Essen,Germany
1966 GCE "O" Levels - French, German,
English, Spanish, Mathematics, Latin,
History, Geography, Religion
1966 Attendance at Grammar School, Essen,Germany
1967 GCE "A" Levels - French, German,English
GCE "S" Levels - French, English
1967 Scholarship Oxford University - German,French
Scholarship New College, Oxford -Romance Languages
1967 Attendance Sorbonne University, Paris
1968 Matriculated New College, Oxford -
French, German, Historical Geography
1969 - 1971 Studies at New College, Oxford -
 "History of the French Language from the
Serments de Strasbourg to Jean-Paul
Sartre ". - Romance Semantics
1970 - 1971 Thesis, Oxford University - " Relation
between the mediaeval French poets and
Dadaism in Germany, Switzerland and
France at the beginning of the 20th.Century "
1962 - 2012 France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain,
Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Austria, Tunisia,
Russia, Canada, USA, UK
1969 - 1970 French & English Tutor, Dorset, England
1970 - 1971 Assistant French Reader, New College,Oxford
1971 - 1972 English Teacher, French Assistant,
Director of Language Laboratory, Ecole
Technique d'Ingénieurs, Blvd.Raspail,Paris, France
1973 - 1986 Producer & Promotion Manager for Decca
Records, Polydor Records & CelluloidRecords, Paris, France
1986 – 1991 Foreign Correspondent, Bremen, Germany
1991 - 1997 Interpreter, Language Consultant,
Germany, France, Switzerland, England,
Portugal, USA, Canada
Industrial companies, governmental,banking and private institutions,
government agencies, proof reading,analysis, documentation,
translation,interpreting, negotiation
1998 - 1999 Teacher and co-manager, Schola School
of Languages, Bremen, Germany
2001 – 2001 Travel & Language Consultant and
Webmaster, Culturetours, Bremen,Germany
2000 - 2004 Teacher, Language Consultant,
Interpreter, Translator and Webmaster,
CLC Language Centre, Bremen
2004 - 2005 Language Trainer, Language Consultant,
Interpreter, Translator, CPS LanguageTraining, Bremen, Germany
2005 - 2009 Automotive, Business & Language
Consultant, Customer RelationsManagement,
Project Support, CPSAutomotive, Bremen, Germany
2009 - 2010 European Business & Acquisition
Consultant, CPS Automotive, Bremen,Germany
2010 – 2011 Intercultural Trainer, Intercultural
Relocation Assistant, irema group, Stuhr,Germany
Business & Language Consultant, CPSAutomotive, Bremen, Germany
2012-2017 English and French Technical Translation,
English Proof Reading
Corporate Clients, Germany:
Daimler AG / Mercedes-Benz
Fraunhofer Institute, IFAM
MD Crawford Group, USA Harbour Consulting, USA
Comau, Italy
Lear Corp
Kühne & Nagel
Beck & Co.
Ernst & Young

SwissLog (Schierholz)
Huss Hydraulik
HTC Hansa Textil Chemie
KS Kran-Service
Dialog Public Relations
Schola Language School
CLC Language Centre
CPS Language Training

CPS Automotive

I.R.E Internationaler Rohbau Experten-Kreis
Irema group
SiG Solar Group etropolis
Life member of the O.U.S. Oxford Union Society, Oxford, England
Life Member N.C.A. New College, Oxford, England
Associate Member SAE Int Society of Automotive Engineers

Other Activities:
2001 - 2012 Writing a Technical Dictionary for
Automotive Industry


Professional Focus:
An experienced team player with intercultural skills, fluent in three languages, with many years practice

in the automotive industry, developer of soft tools for business and manufacturing process optimisation,

offering four principal
essential services:
- Customer Relations Management
- Business Consulting
- Language Services
- Project Support